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Sites of Maronite Interest Maronite Saints Maronite Churches & Missions:  United States
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The Vatican

The Holy See (The Vatican)


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Maronite Patriarch ate Patriarch ate 

Official Maronite Patriarchy in Bkerke, Lebanon


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Maronite Eparchies and Diocese

Eparchy of St. Maron - Brooklyn, New York

Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon - St. Louis, Missouri

Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon - Parishes Directory

Maronite Diocese of Australia


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Sites of Maronite Interest

Convent of Antonite Sisters - North Jackson, Ohio

Harissa: The Shrine to Our Lady of Lebanon

Maronite Seminary: Washington, D.C.

International Maronite Foundation

Lebanon in the Bible

Maronite League

National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM)

Opus Libani

USA Maronite Census: Official Website


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Maronite Saints

Mar Maroun

Mar Maroun Monastery

St. John Maron: 1st Patriarch of the Maronite Church

Mar Charbel (Site Number One)

Mar Charbel (Site Number Two)

St. Sharbel - Hermit of Lebanon

St. Rafka

Blessed Nimutallah Kassab Hardini

The Massabki Brothers

Qozhaya: The Monastery of St. Anthony


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Maronite Churches and Missions: United States United States 

Mission of Saints Peter and Paul, Lutz (Tampa), Florida

Our Lady's Maronite Church - Austin, Texas

Our Lady of The Cedars - Houston, Texas

Our Lady of Lebanon - Easton, Pennsylvania

Our Lady of Lebanon - Lewisville, Texas

Our Lady of Lebanon - Miami, Florida

Our Lady of Lebanon - Washington, D.C.

Our Lady of Lebanon - Waterbury, Connecticut

Our Lady of Lebanon - Wheeling, West Virginia

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Mission - Columbus, Ohio

Our Lady of Mt. Lebanon: St. Peter Cathedral - Los Angeles, California

St. Anthony of the Desert - El Paso, Texas

St. Anthony of the Desert - Fall River, Massachusetts

St. Anthony Maronite Church - Glen Allen, Virginia

St. Anthony Maronite Church - Lawrence, Massachusetts

St. Anthony/St. George Maronite Church: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

St. Elias Maronite Church - Birmingham, Alabama

St. Elias Maronite Church - Roanoke, Virginia

St. George Maronite Church - Uniontown, Pennsylvania

St. George's Antiochian Christian Orthodox Church: Allentown, Pennsylvania

St. George Maronite Church - San Antonio, Texas

St. John Maron Church - Anaheim, California

St. John Maron Maronite Church: Williamsville, (Buffalo) New York

St. Joseph Maronite Church - Atlanta, Ga.

St. Joseph Maronite Church - Phoenix, Arizona

St. Joseph’s Maronite Church - Waterville, Maine

St. Jude Maronite Church - Murray, Utah

St. Jude Maronite Mission - San Dimas, California

St. Jude the Apostle -Westlake Village, California

St. Maron's Church - Cleveland, Ohio

St. Maron's Church - Minneapolis, Minnesota

St. Maron's Church - Torrington, Connecticut

St. Maron's Church - Youngstown, Ohio

St. Rafka Maronite Mission - Denver, Colorado

St. Rafka Maronite Mission - Livonia, Michigan

St. Raymond’s Cathedral - St. Louis, Missouri

St. Sharbel Maronite Mission - Las Vegas, Nevada

St. Sharbel Maronite Church - Portland, Oregon

St. Sharbel Maronite Church - Warren, Michigan



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Maronite Churches and Missions: International

Notre Dame du Liban - Paris, France

Our Lady of Lebanon - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

St. Anthony's Parish - Leamington, Ontario, Canada

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Aldoukan: Lebanese Food Products Middle Eastern Food and Products

Continental Cuisine: Excellent Lebanese Restaurant in Akron, Ohio

Faccia Luna: Joe "Chick" Coorey

Shatila Food Products

Sweet Arayssi, Inc. : Brooklyn, NY Location

Taste Lebanon


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Lebanon Genealogy Forum

Researching Your Lebanese or Syrian Ancestry


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Lebanese Businesses and Related Sites

Beirut Stock Exchange

Buy & Sell Land in Lebanon

CGI Internet Services: John Thomas, Jr.

The Coury Financial Group: Offices in Pittsburgh, Pa., Vienna, Virginia, & Boca Raton, Florida. Lebanon's Largest Music Store

Lebanese Products Online: Lebanese Online Shopping...Check it out!!

Lebanon Postcards: Collection of Lebanese Postcards and Posters

MEA: Middle East Airlines

Radiorama Online: Lebanese Music Radio Station


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Al Anwar

Al Hurra: Commercial Free Arabic Language Satellite TV Station from Springfield, Virginia

Al Jazeera: Arabic Television in English

Al Jazeera: Arabic Television in Arabic

An-Nahar Newspaper

Al-Sahafa Newspaper: Ohio's Arab-American News Source

Beirut Times

Daily Star Newspaper: English Language Daily

Dar Al Hayat Newspaper: Lebanese Newspaper in English

Dar Al Hayat Newspaper: Lebanese Newspaper in Arabic

Naharnet: English Language Site from An-Nahar Newspaper


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Al-Mashriq: The Levant

Ameen Rihani

American University of Beirut (AUB)

Arabic Words and Phrases

AKA: Australian Kfarsghab Association

Baalbeck International Festival

Batroun: One of the Oldest Cities in the World


Byblos (Jbeil)

Country and People of Lebanon: Great site(Check out the links at the bottom of this site!)

Ehden Lebanese American Club

Embassy of Lebanon - Washington, D.C.

Feminine Arabic Names

History of Lebanon: Reconsidered

IKAMA: Your Practical Guide to Lebanon

Jounieh: City of Jounieh (

Kfarsghab Laban's Homepage

Khalil Gibran

Lebanese Club

Lebanese Consulate: New York City

Lebanese White Pages: is a free service providing the Lebanese community and friends around the world, with a unique resource that allows family and friends to reunite, create business contacts, and bring the Lebanese people closer to Lebanon. Registration is free. Do a search, and you might be suprised to find someone you by village name, family name, city, etc....

Lebanon.Com Online Resources

Lebanon Art - Joseph Matar

Lebanon Information Page

The Lebanon Store: Welcome to The Lebanon Store, where you can find the best quality products for showing off Lebanese Pride! Browse our wide selection of Apparel, Housewares, Hats and bags. We are confident that you will find what is right for you!


Masculine Arabic Names

Phoenicians: The Phoenician Encyclopedia -- Encyclopedia Phoeniciana

Places in Lebanon

Tripoli (1)

Tyros Green Pages


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